Our 2022 Winners will be announced on Thursday 7th April 2022 (7pm / 10pm) and will be posted here on 8th April 2022 along with the judges comments. 

Business of the Year

Shield Services Group

1. This family business of 41 years has expanded to 12 sites across the UK, serving both national and international clients. With a pre-covid turnover of £33 million, they continue innovating and expanding their service portfolio.
2. Relationships are central with suppliers, clients, local communities, and employees.
3. A truly worthy winner of Business of the Year

Female Entrepreneur of The Year

Emily Veronica Mapson

1. Emily took a rundown property and turned it into several businesses, including a bespoke B&B, the latest company being "Vera's Kitchen."
2. In March, due to Covid, she was forced to close its doors.
3. However, she managed to retain all the staff and, when it was possible, promoted themed takeaway nights, including Italian, Chinese, Thai, and American cuisine nights.
4. While providing free meals during the pandemic to those locally in need.

New Start-Up of The Year

Wizziwoos Kids Clubs Limited

1. Stopping despair due to debt is the remit of Wizziwoos Kids Club.
2. It provides financial literacy to children and empowers their parents to teach them.
3. With a reach of 7,000 on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, they provide tips for parents to help their children. They are breaking the cycle of debt-related tragedy. Well done.

Young Entrepreneur of The Year

Connor Newson

1. At the age of 20, Connor Newson founded Newson Films.
2. He achieved video contracts with Coca-Cola, NASA, Netflix, and the NHS.
3. Profitable with a yearly growth rate of nearly 300%.
4. Dedicated to producing film & animation projects and plans to grow the business internationally and support creative talent within the local area.
5. Well done, Connor!

The SME of The Year

Banya Family Placement Ltd

1. The business is about helping vulnerable children, a leading fostering agency placing 7,000 children.
2. From start-up, they have grown to a turnover of £10-million.
3. They are fast and responsive, providing resources to fragile and complex situations with a reputation for bringing real change.
4. Banya has been instrumental in helping to provide safe and caring homes in Britain for unaccompanied child refugees from Afghanistan, Somalia, Iran, Vietnam, Eritrea, Albania, Sudan, Turkey, and Ethiopia, reflecting the far-reaching vision and ambition of its founder.

The Employer of The Year

Reading Scientific Services Limited (RSSL)

1. They have kept staff wellbeing a top priority during the pandemic and recognized their employee challenges. They maintained a community spirit and encouraged a healthy work-life balance.
2. They instill fun and have built a family-orientated environment.
3. They approach ongoing learning to enrich their employees' careers as catalysts for change.
4. This Employer of the Year shows that people create fantastic commercial results.

COVID Community Champion

Angelcare Residential Living

1. About to open a new care home when Covid hit.
2. The investors delayed their opening, so the facility is used as a centre to treat outgoing COVID patients.
3. They invest further into a state-of-the-art app that allows loved ones to receive fast updates. They also assigned a team member to be dedicated to mental health awareness. A significant financial investment resulted in a substantial community investment during this period of need.

The Apprentice of The Year

Ellie Fenton of Softcat

1. Development of a group to ensure inclusion and empowerment for all employees at Softcat
2. for stepping up to mentor new employees joining Softcat
3. For her proactive approach that resulted in her winning Apprentice of the year at Softcat

The Charity of The Year

Julia's House Children's Hospice

An incredible and vital charity that has adapted during COVID.
Keep up the amazing work that you are all doing!

Outstanding Contribution to The Community

Green Machine Computers

1. They run an academy that transforms old IT Technology into training and employment.
2. They teach apprentices, volunteers, and employees how to operate, disassemble and reassemble old IT equipment and then donate it to charities.
3. They facilitate work experience for children from local schools and run apprenticeship programs.
4. They also create roles for those who may struggle to gain formal qualifications or hold down full-time employment. They genuinely do add so much value to lives and the community.

Lifetime of Achievement

1. A social entrepreneur spanning 30 years, building a 7-figure social enterprise.
2. She is a leading figure in the UK foster care system as CEO of fostering agency Banya and its charity Vana Trust. Since its inception, they have supported over 7,000 children and over 400 carers.
3. From the age of 4, she dedicated her life to helping children through empowerment and education.
4. She trained as a Social Worker and Psychotherapist and established many social enterprises. Her lifetime of achievement has delivered lifetime change for many. Congratulations.

The Leisure & Tourism Award

Luxury Coastal

1. A fast-growing self-catering holiday agency. With a go-live date of 2019, their property portfolio stands at 300. They partner with Airbnb,, and TripAdvisor, creating c.3,000 bookings in 2020.
2. Their level of service and flexibility is evidenced by their TrustPilot reviews.
3. Grown the team to 9, are Living Wage accredited
4. And an ethos to consistently do the right thing for guests, owners, and local communities.

Male Entrepreneur

James Eades

1. Started selling at 17 years old.
2. James acquired a share of Systemagic, an IT services company. Sold Systemagic's website design and became debt-free. Made 3 acquisitions in 2014, 2016, and 2017,
3. He rebranded the company set to turn over £2.3m and own 100% of the business.

Business Leader of The Year

Debbie Raven of Thames Hospice

1. As CEO of Thames Hospice, she achieved "Outstanding" status by the Care Quality Commission.
2. For her leadership of the construction, fundraising, and opening of a brand-new Hospice.
3. Also, she can find time to contribute to Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust as a non-exec director and volunteer to administer the COVID-19 vaccine in her spare time.

Networker of The Year

Peter Mols

1. Peter inspires relationships through his networking groups, Alliance and "Outside Ideas."
2. His generosity of spirit and desire to connect with people supports and motivates small businesses.
3. Peter Mols spends his life connecting people and is an excellent Networker of the Year winner.

Innovator of The Year Award

E3D-Online Ltd

1. It is at the forefront of the rapidly growing 3D Printing industry and is known for developing open-source innovations.
2. They have seen rapid growth since inception with a revenue spike since lockdown. It has an impressive line of products currently in research and development to disrupt the 3D Printing industry.
3. Keep on innovating!